January 5, 2017 

Ian Forster |  ian.forster@aas.ru




Dear parents and students,


I hope that you have been enjoying the winter break and have had the opportunity for family, friendship and celebration.  A very Happy New Year, I hope that 2017 is a very happy and successful year for you.  I look forward to welcoming you back to AAS next Monday morning as normal.


We also welcome some new parents and students.  We have had a lower than normal turnover over the winter break so the numbers of new students are not large.  We start with an introductory presentation from 9.00 am followed by a general orientation by the PTO Newcomers Team.   After the introduction we will discuss Penguin Life - how athletics, activities, aquatics, discovery weeks and after school activities run -  technology at AAS, managing your cafeteria account and much more.  If you joined us after the last sessions were run in August and September, or missed them, you would be very welcome to attend. The more the merrier!


I will update you with other news in my introduction to the Newsletters on Wednesday.


Best wishes,

Ian Forster



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