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Bring Your Own Device


AAS is committed to “current, relevant technologies” and “innovative and effective instructional strategies” (AAS Mission & Vision). In support of this and our commitment to personalized learning at AAS, and in recognition of the vast range of information and communications technology (ICT) resources for learning, AAS is implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The BYOD program is designed to help students learn to make responsible decisions about technology use based on their personal learning styles so that technology enhances learning. 

Students in Grades 5-12 are required to bring a laptop to enhance instruction and learning. Please read our BYOD Guide here.  If you have questions or comments, please email byod.support@aas.ru.

BYOD Service Options:  The Anglo-American School recognizes the need of BYOD users to seek device service and support beyond the IT support provided for BYOD users on-campus. Please click here to view information that is publicly available on the Internet, collected in one document for your convenience.

Office 365: We're pleased to announce that all AAS users (students and staff) now have access to Microsoft Office 365 via their AAS user accounts.  Office 365 is the cloud-based version of their popular Office suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote,  Lync.)  Please click here for instructions to install Office 365 using your AAS user credentials. 

Minimum Recommended Specifications

The following chart should help you in selecting and purchasing an Internet learning device. The minimum recommended specifications will allow students to use our core set of web tools: Outlook Web Access Email, Google Apps for Education, Penguin Portal, Moodle, and NetClassroom. Please note that creating and editing media, such as audio, video, images, and 3D graphics, will require a more powerful device with higher RAM, greater storage, and more advanced software. 

- Functionality: Wireless connectivity, integrated full-key keyboard, webcam & microphone, audio in/out (headphones), 6-hour battery life, Internet browser, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader 

- Extras:

  •  Hardware: Processor (Intel Core I-3, I-5, or I-7); data ports (USB 3.0, HDMI); storage capacity (64 GB or more), RAM (4 GB or more recommended), USB mouse, 8+ hour battery life; protective cover/case, lightweight (under 2 kg). 
  • Software: video editing, photo editing, antivirus/malware protection.
  • Other: warranty/insurance (1-3 years)

    Note: The minimum recommended specifications may increase from one year to the next.

Supplies and Textbooks

The school provides all the textbooks that a student will need during the year. Here is the list of supplies that the High School faculty suggests each student has to work with during the year. Please note that most of the supplies below are readily available in Moscow. (Asterisked items may be best purchased in your home country). If you have not yet moved to Russia, these items should be brought with you in your luggage, rather than being sent in your shipment, as they will be needed from the first day of school.

Key Supplies

- *TI-nSpire TouchPad (non CAS version) calculator (all students, all levels). Please follow the link to see a list of US, Canadian, and online stores where this calculator is sold. A limited number of these calculators will be available for purchase from the High School office at the beginning of the academic year, if you are unable to source one before arriving in Moscow.
- *Protractor and compass
- A4 (European size) lined paper, graph paper, paper punch and binders. Graph paper should use metric units.
- Metric ruler
- Other school supplies can be purchased at your discretion throughout the year. These will include HB pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, pens in various colors, ink markers, highlighting markers, scissors, glue, paper clips, stapler, tape, tacks, etc.

Physical Education

Physical education classes are mandatory in Grades 9 and 10. All students should bring a pair of non-marking rubber-soled shoes that can be worn indoors and in the gymnasium for physical education lessons. PE uniforms for all divisions consist of the red AAS t-shirt (available for purchase in the PTO store) and black exercise pants or shorts.  Please ensure that P.E kit, along with all other items of personal property, are clearly labeled.

Instrumental Music

Generally, instrumental music students supply their own instrument. The school does have some instruments available for loan but these supplies are limited and may not match the instrument your son or daughter wishes to play.

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