Grades 6-9 Counseling 

 Counselors at AAS specialize in helping people think through their ideas to find answers to questions and solutions to challenges. Our Grades 6-9 Counseling program is specifically designed to provide academic, social and emotional support to students and parents alike, assisting successful transitions into, through and out of middle school. 

Students and parents can arrange appointments for themselves by contacting or emailing the counselors directly, and meetings are also often arranged by the counselors following the referral of a friend, parent, or staff member. In addition, students can meet with their counselor before school, during lunch, after school, or during class with consent from the classroom teacher. 

Our counselors will also be leading Counselor Coffees—parent-led, counselor-guided topical conversations—throughout the year. Sometimes these will be about specific topics, and other times they will be book studies where we review chapters together after we have read them.  

Meet the Counselors


Joe George
Grades 6 & 7 Counselor

Michigan State University, B.A.: Maj. History, Min. English
Michigan State University, M.A.: Curriculum and Teaching
University of Detroit-Mercy, M.A.: School Counseling



Having worked for nine years as a middle school counselor, 10 years as a high school social studies and English teacher, and nine years as a high school track coach, I have had the pleasure of working in with many diverse people from around the world. This is my eighth year here at AAS, and I am looking forward to working with you.

I am a present-focused, relationship-based Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who believes that people can usually find solutions to situations and implement successful plans with some assistance and support. So, if you (or a family member) feel that what is being done is not getting the desired results, want to think about ways to thrive in Moscow, and/or simply need to find unknown information, please send me an email. Together we will find whatever it is you need. In addition, although much of my job focuses upon common, age-appropriate issues like organization, study skills, stress management, and conflict resolution, I also have experience working with less common issues like depression, self-injury, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Lauren Zimmerman     

Lauren Zimmerman
Grades 8 & 9 Counselor

Plymouth State University: B.S. Social Work with minors in Psychology and Anthropology/Sociology
Plymouth State University:M.Ed.Counselor Education: Human Relations
Postgraduate Work: School Counseling and Play Therapy


Lauren Zimmerman’s professional career has always included working with children and families. Her background is varied having experience working at Head Start programs and residential facilities for children, working as a trained Youth and Family Mediator, serving as a caseworker completing family studies for adoptions, running drug and alcohol prevention programs, coordinating church youth programs, facilitating workshops on child abuse and sexual harassment and for 13 years now, working as a school counselor across all divisions.

Lauren enjoys working in the school environment as she feels that it provides a broader perspective on child behavior that allows her to be better able to provide the appropriate support and guidance for students and their families.

Lauren is coming to AAS from Bangladesh where she spent the last 3 years working with students in grades 6-9 as their school counselor. Providing transitional support is a key component of every counselor’s work in international schools but particularly as students move between divisions. Providing consistency, education, information and skill development assists students as they mature and prepare for their next step in their learning journey.

Lauren is committed to helping students successfully navigate these middle and high school years.


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