Meet the School Psychologist

Welcome new and returning parents to AAS! My name is Jay Carol Wilson (Dr. Jay). I am new to AAS this year, working in all Divisions as the school psychologist.  My job is to help parents, teachers and students understand and facilitate the students’ learning and social/emotional needs so they can be successful in school.

I have an undergraduate degree in Human Development and a Ph. D. in school psychology.  I have been working in international schools since 1985, primarily in Asia and Europe.  I have also worked in the public schools in the United States. Our three adult children all attended international schools as students.  Therefore, I understand the concerns parents may have from a parent perspective.  Our family usually moved every three or four years due to my husband’s career with the U.S. State Department.


ES Counselor Laura Goddard

What does the School Psychologist do?

Is a resource for parents by:

Discussing concerns about their child’s learning, social, emotional development and behavior.
By providing techniques that parents may use at home to improve learning and/or behavior.
By answering questions about the typical stages of development-what is within the range of expected behaviors.
Giving parents materials that may help them understand and manage specific issues.

Assists teachers in:

Understanding and meeting individual student learning, behavioral and social needs.
Providing guidance and counseling services for students.
Finding special help for students, when it's needed.

Helps students by:

Counseling when they have issues that they want to discuss.
Teaching techniques to manage anxiety.
Offering social skills groups when peer problems arise.
Evaluating for learning needs when students continue to demonstrate minimal success after classroom intervention.

Works with teachers by:

Identifying learning strengths and weaknesses in the students and collaborating on differentiated programs to meet individual needs.
Sharing accommodations that have been successful for students.
Developing modifications in the program with the teacher when needed.
Consulting with teachers about whole classroom techniques that benefit all students.

Collaborates with the students' grade level counselors on:

Alerting to students’ testing accommodations
Helping students advocate for themselves

Please feel free to contact me at any time:

Room: #3030
Office Telephone: +7 (495) 231-4488, extension 43030

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