PTO Shop

PTO Shop Hours:  Monday-Friday 08.40-10.00* and 14.00-15.30.  (*Wednesday morning hours are 09.15-10.30.)  The store relies on parent volunteers.  The Shop hours may change depending on availability of our parents.   We're always looking for volunteers!  Please contact Angelina  at or just stop in! 

Hoping to stock up on PE shirts for your children? Looking for the perfect gift for your family members or friends? Or would you like to spread a little school spirit by wearing some top-quality AAS gear? Check out our school store, which carries a wide range of clothing, gifts, Russian crafts and seasonal items.

The store is located on the second floor, right off the Student Lounge. The Shop is staffed by volunteers and therefore the open hours may vary on some days although we do our best to be open during the hours posted above.  If you'd like more information, or would like to volunteer to help staff the store, please contact Angelina  at or just stop in! 

Please note that the PTO Shop accepts only rubles as payment. Thanks in advance for shopping with us!


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