School Principal 2023-2024

AAS welcomes educational leaders who are interested in being a part of a dynamic learning environment with a collaborative team of leaders to express interest by applying for this position as soon as possible.

The Principal is part of the Schoolwide Leadership Team as well as the Division Leadership with the Senior Associate Principal.  The Principal supervises the Senior Associate Principal as well as collaborates on supervising and supporting all learning staff within the divisions for Pre K - Grade 10.  AAS approaches leadership through the lens of functional and healthy teams as well as through the Adaptive Schools model of collaboration. 

In this leadership role, AAS seeks a dynamic and experienced leader who embraces the skills, dispositions, and educational philosophies below that prepare students for success:

  • self-directed learner
  • forward-thinker
  • socially-intelligent communicator
  • globally-minded citizen

The leadership of The Anglo-American School of Moscow will conduct this search internally, although advertisements will be through various external sources. Individuals interested in applying should submit their applications no later than September 30, 2022.  

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Bolshoi Theatre

The AAS Bolshoi Theatre was opened in August 2007. The Bolshoi (Big) Theatre complex includes a beautiful 630-seat proscenium stage with a state-of-the-art control booth for lights, sound and projection.

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More Theatre and Drama Space

In addition to the Bolshoi Theatre, AAS has two black box theatre rooms. One of them  is referred to as the Malyy Theatre and used by all school divisions for a variety of performances and special events. The second black box theatre room is used by our Middle School drama students and used for special events.

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Our indoor, regulation-sized swimming pool is an L-shaped, 6 lane pool, 25 meters in length with a depth range of 1.2 -3.3 meters.

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Fitness Center

AAS is home to a fully functional fitness center that provides our students with well-rounded fitness opportunities. Middle and high school PE classes use the facility during the day and high school students can enjoy a workout during their breaks and after school.  The fitness center includes free weights, treadmills, elliptical and other fitness machines. There is also a stationary bike room. The Penguin Life Leadership Program provides student Fitness Centre Supervisors to manage and maintain the facility. The fitness center is accessible during SportZone hours.

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With over 70,000 items in its collection, it is the largest and most extensive English-resource library in the city of Moscow.

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South Field

AAS is fortunate to have access to a fully functional and maintained sports field adjacent to the forested park in front of the school. 

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North Field

The north field is used during school for Physical Education classes and Penguin sport teams after school. 

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North Gym

Large enough for multiple teaching spaces and sized for competition, the North Gymnasium enables middle and high school students to learn skills, improve their physical conditioning, and compete against other schools. 

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South Gym

A fully functional double gym with separators, elementary students friendly design and easily accessible by elementary school physical education classes and ES after school activities. 

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South Cafeteria

​​​​​In the South Cafeteria there is a salad bar and four lunch choices each day: entrée with meat, vegetarian entrée, sandwich, or vegetarian sandwich.

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North Cafeteria

In the North Cafeteria there are four or five lunch choices each day. There is always at least one vegetarian entrée option. Students can also choose their meal from the salad bar, sushi bar, or sandwich station.

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Science Labs

Eight science labs, including one for the Elementary School, three for the Middle School and four for the High School, utilize today’s technology and advanced scientific tools to allow students not only to learn science, but also to become "scientists."

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AAS Moscow High School students share what happens inside the Media Lab space at AAS and how it supports their learning.

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There are 128 classrooms located on 5 floors at AAS. All classrooms have at least one computer, a SMARTboard, a TV, and a DVD player. All computers are connected to high-speed internet; wireless internet is also available throughout the school.

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Art Studios

Three art studios for the middle and high schools, including one dedicated to ceramics, and two art studios for the elementary school enable every student to experiment with a broad range of media and open doors to self-expression. 

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Tennis Courts

3 tennis courts are used for PE curriculum classes and the Penguin tennis team. The courts are accessible during SportZone hours.

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Health Office

The AAS Health Center, staffed by two registered nurses, stands ready to attend to minor scrapes and bruises or emergencies. It is a warm and welcoming place for students to lie down until they are able to return to class, or parents can arrive to take them home.

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