substituting at aas

AAS is looking for dedicated substitute teachers, instructional assistants, and office staff to fulfill the daily duties and responsibilities of an absent staff member. Substitutes can be either long-term or short-term. Long-term is defined as an assignment which lasts ten consecutive days or longer.


Job description
Substitute teachers are expected to follow instructions left by the absent classroom teacher, while substitute instructional assistants and office staff work alongside a teacher or other office employees who provide instruction and guidance to complete the necessary tasks. 

Substitutes are not employees.
An AAS identification badge, if issued, is AAS property and may be revoked at any time without explanation. Substitutes may decide to remove their names from the authorized substitute list at any time without prior notice. Likewise, AAS may remove a substitute from the list at-will, without prior notice or explanation. 

AAS only accepts applications online.
For more information or technical assistance with your application, please contact our Substitute Coordinator