Schoolwide & non Commercial organization Leadership


Rhonda Norris
School Director & Non Commercial Organization Board Member

Christopher Schuster
Deputy Director

Karen List
Director of Finance and Operations

Julie Villers
School Principal

Bashirov Magomed
Director of Compliance
and Non Commercial Organization (NKO) Interim Director

Carolina Nunez
Senior Associate Principal




The School Board is responsible for the governance and oversight of AAS Moscow.

Board Briefs

Board briefs are published online after board meetings to keep our AAS community informed of important decisions being made for the benefit of our students.

Connecting with the AAS Board

Dear AAS Community, the school Board would like to ensure that there is a simple mechanism that our community members can use to share positive as well as constructive feedback related to Board decisions and policies. The information shared through this link is monitored by the AAS Board Administrative Assistant and all feedback is shared with the AAS Board members on a periodic basis.  The AAS Board will evaluate when is it necessary or appropriate to provide an individual response to the feedback.    

Board Feedback Form