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Internal Reflection

After a year of self-reflection on our educational practices and collection of evidence for our NEASC accreditation, here is a sample of the learning opportunities provided at AAS to students.

In this presentation, testimonials of High School students, as well as videos and images showcase the range of engagements that our AAS penguins can engage in.

Take some time to appreciate and celebrate the learning at AAS as well as learn about some of the next steps the school will embark on.


What is ACE?

The 10 Learning Principles
1. Learning Goals
2. Dimensions of Learning
3. Assessment for, of and as Learning
4. Learning Perspectives
5. Engagement and Autonomy
6. Research and Reflection on Learning
7. Inclusiveness of Learning
8. Governance and Leadership for Learning
9. Learning Space and Time
10. Learning Community

What's Next?

The Three Major Learning Plans

ACE External Team Visit on March 14–18


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