Virtual NEASC Accreditation Visit

Over the last two years, the AAS community has been engaged in the NEASC ACE Accreditation process.

We began our journey with a short foundation and learning principal report in 2019. Then, in fall of 2020, we had our prep visit from the NEASC team. Finally, educators in all three divisions spent nine months gathering evidence of learning in order to assess where our school is compared to the ACE Learning Principles. You can see all this work and the next steps the school recommended on our ACE webpage.

Visit the ACE Webpage

Next week will mark the final step in our NEASC accreditation process, the virtual visit. During this visit, four international educators will conduct observations of learning in classrooms of all divisions via Webex as well as meet with different groups of learners (students, parents, teachers).

Our NEASC visitors are:

Michael Hopaluk
team lead, GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Elena Sentevska
International School of Belgrade (Serbia)

Barnaby Sandow
ACS International School Cobham (England)

Viki Stiebert
International School of Bergen (Norway)

They will also be accompanied by Elnara Israfilova, a Russian speaker that will help with translation.

After next week’s visit, the team of visitors will give us feedback and guidance as to what we can do to use the ACE Learning Principles to best impact learning at AAS. We will of course share their findings and celebrations with the community as soon as we receive it.