Admissions Procedures

Applying to AAS

Since most people apply to join AAS before they transfer to Russia, it is not practical to ask them to come for entrance examinations or placement interviews. We therefore have to request a great deal of documentation, so that we can make the best informed decision without having had the opportunity of meeting with you and assessing your child personally. Although the amount of paperwork can sometimes seem excessive, we would ask you to be understanding and provide ALL the documents we request, as that will help us to make the best decision for your child.

You will need to create an account, which will allow you to come back and review your application at any time. The online form also gives you the opportunity to upload any of the additional documentation as part of your submission.

Online Student Application Form

Required Documents
School Records for the last 3-5 years This will typically include transcripts, report cards, standardized test results, etc. If your child has not yet been in full-time schooling for three years, please provide us with as much information as you have.

Standardised testing

Please include the results of any standardised tests that your child has taken at their current school. At AAS, students take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test twice a year. If your current schools uses a different test, or does not do standardised testing, we may need to arrange for your child to sit a short online MAP screener test. 
Writing sample (for entry to grades 2-12) For grades 2-5. we have a specific writing prompt. Please provide us with the name of a teacher/counsellor who will proctor this short test and we will send the instructions to them. For grades 6-12, please send us a recent example of a Social Studies or English Language Arts assignment that your child has completed. This assignment should have been graded and show the teacher comments.

Learning Support Documentation*

*if applicable

If your child is receiving any kind of learning support inside or outside of school, please provide us with as much detail as possible. This might include an Individual Education Plan, an educational psychologist’s report, an additional report card from the learning resource professional working with your child, or specialist testing results.

Teacher Recommendation  forms

Please download the relevant teacher recommendation forms for the grade you are applying to enter and give them to your child’s current teacher. The teacher should then complete them and return them directly to us.

Please note that for Grades 6-12 we require all three forms.

Copies of parents' and child's passports Passport information page only. Include Russian visas (if applicable). 
Application fee Not applicable for Category 1 applicants or returning students. 
Health forms Please note, that if we are able to admit your child, you need to provide us with a completed Health Examination Form and a copy of your child's vaccination record. You do not need to submit these documents now. 

If you prefer to send us any of the supplementary documentation by e-mail, fax, or mail, please refer to the main admissions page for our full contact details.