Admissions Timeline

When will I know whether or not my child has been accepted into AAS?

We start accepting applications in January for entry into school at the start of the next academic year in the following August.

As all our classes are currently at capacity, we can only accept new students into places that come free, as other families leave us.  The following is an approximate timeline for the Admissions process.

March: Current families are asked to complete a re-enrollment contract for the upcoming year or submit a notification of withdrawal form.

March/April: Data collation.

April: In 2010, AAS initiated its Premium Seat Program.  Participating companies purchased places in the school over a specific number of years, thereby gaining priority admissions status for dependents of their employees.  Participants in the Premium Seat Program have until 1st April to inform us of the names of students to whom they are allocating their seats and the grades in which they will be enrolling.  Unfortunately, we cannot proceed with other admissions until the 1st April deadline has expired.

After this date, we can begin to review applications, but we may not be able to give you an accurate assessment of your child's chances of being admitted until closer to the end of the academic year.  All applications are classified in one of seven admissions categories.  Please see which category applies to you.  Depending on the number of spaces coming free, applications are reviewed by category, in date order of submission.

April – August: Applications are reviewed and approved, contracts sent out and new students enrolled.  There may be last-minute changes in enrolment, as families who had planned to stay in Moscow are re-assigned to other postings or new arrivals fail to receive visas.  If your child is on the waiting list, we may unfortunately not be able to confirm their place until the very last minute.  We do understand that this is very frustrating for incoming families, but we would ask for your patience, as this situation is dependent on factors entirely beyond our control.

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