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Transport Link Service offers door to door school bus service from most central and northwest Moscow locations. The 2018-2019 school year marks our 15th year of service to the AAS community!

Please click here to learn more about our school to metro station shuttle service.

How It Works

- We pick up your kids and drop them off at your door, or as close as practically possible. All buses have adult English-speaking monitors on board, in addition to certified, medically checked drivers.

- Parents can be in touch with bus monitors at all times during the ride.  We have our own coordinator located at the AAS Admin office from 10:30 to 18:10 to help you and your child.

- New clients may try our service for three days for free to see if it works for their family.

- Pickup times are designed for 08:15 arrival at AAS before the start of the school day at 8:30. The median trip to AAS for a child today takes just under 45 minutes. To maintain route integrity and respect for others, late shows are left behind, after a short wait (2 minutes maximum).  Afternoon return (15:45 AAS departure) times vary more, but
median times are less than one hour. Obviously, more remote student home locations cause additional elapsed time. And more obviously, Moscow can be a challenging traffic environment.

- We reserve the right to not serve excessively distant child home locations.

Contact us at for more details and info on travel times from your location and pricing.


Our Fleet and Drivers

- TLS currently serves AAS and five other international schools in Moscow, and provides shuttles to the Metro for the Pokrovsky Hills compound adjacent to AAS. Our large vehicle fleet improves the reliability of the service.

- Every TLS driver has a class D Russian driving license and is medically checked every morning by a certified physician at TLS facilities.

- As our main workhorse, we use an 18-seat Ford Transit equipped with a special heating system, air conditioning, and seatbelts. We perform regular safety checks and keep buses in top condition. We also have other buses from 8 to 53 seats to tailor transport to user needs.

- Our main bus garage and parking are located near AAS. We have backup buses and drivers to ensure the reliability of the service.

- Vehicles are insured according to Russian law, and we carry extra liability insurance, more than Russian law requires.

Ford Transit  Hyundai County  TLS Iveco Neman

Our vehicles: Ford Transit, Hyundai County, Iveco Neman (left to right)

Pricing and Refund Policy

Prices for 2018-2019 Academic School Year (not including VAT) in rubles.

Round Trip         One Way       
Full year   200 000,00   Full year   130 000,00
One semester   120 000,00   One semester   82 000,00


- Families who leave the service before the end of the school year receive a refund of 60% of the remaining unused time that was already paid for. The refund offer expires on April 7, 2018. We offer discounts to families with three or more children using the service. We offer discounts to families located at Alisa (Ivankovskoe shosse, 5) living complex. Please contact us for details.

- Please note that a different pricing applies to Rosinka/Angelovo users (85 000,00 rubles per semester and 150 000,00 per full year).  Please contact us for details. To avoid heavy traffic on Volokolamskoe highway and save time during the morning trip, Rosinka and Angelovo children are dropped off at the bridge across the canal (300 meters from the back gate of AAS). Escorted by their bus monitors, students cross the bridge and walk to the school campus. The median trip duration is 30-35 minutes in the morning.

- Prices are payable in advance, and do not include VAT.

- We reserve the right to remove any child from the bus service for disciplinary, safety and security reasons, after a formal warning is given. Our behavioral code is available upon request, and is given to each family at the beginning of each year.

TLS Late Bus Service Regulations and Pricing

- Late bus service departs from AAS at 16:45 and 18:10 every day, on a reservations-only basis;  please make reservations by emailing The route is tailored to the list of users each day. Seats on late buses are available to any student who reserves a seat before 10:00 on the day of use.

- Every AAS child has the right to use our after school service for an additional charge of 800 rubles per ride. This charge for after school service can be invoiced in advance at the same time as normal service is paid, or at the end of each month.

- For high frequency users of late bus service, we offer a special  annual price of 46 000,00 RUB  for those who want to use late buses two times per week for the entire school year (please note that the late bus package price is available only as a supplement to the base bus service). Reservations can be made on a weekly basis or before 10:00 am on the day of use – whatever is easier for each student. For a price for even more frequent late bus use, please consult with us.

- NO SHOWS on the requested late bus will be charged 800 RUB. To avoid this charge, cancellation must be made before 10:00 on the requested day. We reserve the right to not serve excessively distant child home locations.

- Late bus schedule:

16:45 Depart from AAS
18:10 Depart from AAS

The same late bus schedule applies to Rosinka/Angelovo buses. All subscribers are allowed to take any of these buses to get back to Rosinka with no prior reservation. The return trip duration is about 40 minutes.

Metro Shuttle Service

In addition to our home to school bus service, we also run a shuttle bus from school to the Sokol and Tushinskaya metro stations. The shuttle is free for the AAS community, including parents. Buses leave from in front of Maxima Pizza (walk towards the red, white, and green sign when you exit the Sokol metro station). You will show your AAS badge in order to get on the bus.


Call for bus:  + 7 (925) 514 79 79, +7 (926) 009 27 47


Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


AAS does not provide home-to-school bus services. Bus services are contracted between families (or in some cases companies and embassies) and service providers. The school does maintain a cooperation agreement with Transport Link Service (TLS), which has proved to be reliable over the years and who have a school-based transportation coordinator, however, parents are free to make arrangements with any transportation provider they wish.

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