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Giving to AAS Moscow

AAS is dedicated to serving our constituents, including alumni, parents of current and former students, donors, local corporations, and friends. The AAS experience lasts a lifetime, and we strive to keep members of the AAS community informed about school events and opportunities for involvement.

Why Is Fundraising Important?

Development programs are vital to shaping and expanding independent schools like AAS, where the cost of a high-quality education cannot be met through tuition alone. Tuition enables us to provide our students with the basic tools required for an excellent education. Fundraising contributions allow us to enhance AAS with much more than the basics. Your donations allow us to equip our students with the kind of up-to-date, high-tech equipment necessary to arm them with the finest education available and send them out into the world to become leaders in their community.

Making Dreams Come True -Together

We are very grateful to the parents, faculty, staff and corporations who give so generously to the school each year. We appreciate the precious gift of your time, perhaps as a PTO volunteer, the donation of equipment, or a financial gift.

Together, we have run several successful campaigns, which raised the funds to build our new state-of-art campus, to outfit new spaces such as the student lounge, to build the Bolshoi Theatre and the Malyy Theatre, and to place a computer and a SMARTboard in every classroom.

Thank you for considering to support the Anglo-American School of Moscow. We are a not for profit educational institution, governed by a Board of volunteers and focused on the continuous improvement of our services, learning programs, and facilities that support AAS Moscow families and the wider local community. 

We thank the amazing generosity of our families, alumni, staff, and friends of AAS Moscow for helping us live our Mission and strive towards our Vision.

Your generous donations will be applied to where they are most needed, including the development of new learning programs, school facilities maintenance and improvement, community events, etc...


AAS Empowers each student to:

Respect Self & Others,

Love Learning, and

Contribute as a Globally Minded Citizenin order to achieve individual academic and holistic excellence. 


All AAS students will thrive as innovative and agile learners, using their experiences, abilities and talents to improve the world.