The AAS Libraries exist to support students, their families, administration, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community in their respective educational, research, and leisure pursuits. We welcome our patrons of any age to peruse our collections any time.
Parents welcome at the Library at any time during the day.
MS students may come to the Library after school.




Contact the Library
Phone: +7 (495) 009-8899

Monday – Friday
08:00 – 16:30

Library Staff

Venu Gopal

Angeliki Matani

Olga Arkhipkina

Parents are welcome at the Library at any time during the day

2,462 Patrons

15 Databases

26 Languages

55,784 Items in the Library


State of the Library

Every year the AAS Library System reports on key aspects on how the library has served our community over the previous year and what we anticipate will be coming in the following year. Always looking to improve and innovate, our library adjusts continually to the needs and concerns of our students, faculty, and parents.



Library Policy

The goal of the AAS libraries is to provide collections, services, and programs that support the curricular, informational, and recreational needs of the AAS community. Library collections should enhance and support the academic and recreational needs of the school community. Collections should be balanced and representative of the reading community at AAS, as well as of the current curricula taught at the school, supporting learning and teaching while inspiring and nurturing a lifelong love of reading.

Students and parents are free to use the library as a collaborative space, which includes open conversation at a reasonable volume. Computers are also available for student and parent use throughout the day. Usage of library materials must conform to current versions of local copyright law, including printed text, electronic resources, and audio-visual materials.

Students or parents with an AAS ID number may check out up to 15 items from the library at a time for up to 21 days. There is no charge fees for late materials; however, if there is an overdue material, the patron can take only one book at a time until the late item is returned.


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