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Please fill out the online form, or send us a picture of the printed and filled out paper form to

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size chart

SIZE HEIGHT (cm) PE Shirt Size
3 96 4XS
4 104 3XS
5 110 3XS
6 116 2XS
7 122 Kids XS
8 128 Kids XS
9 134 Kids S
10 140 Kids S
11 146 S
12 152 M
13 158 M
14 164 M
15 170 L
16 176 L





See our catalogue of uniforms and spirit wear below and refer to our uniforms page to learn what your student needs

SEE Catalogue visit uniform page

Note: During the modified full-on-campus learning model, parents do not have physical access to the AAS campus and subsequently the Penguin Store. However, parents can still order items and receive them through curbside delivery or make other arrangements by communicating directly the Penguin Store at


AAS Penguin Store provides our community with uniforms and spirit wear for our students, staff, and parents. The store is located on the AAS campus and our community can purchase items through a purchase request form while referring to our handy sizing chart. 

Location: We are located in the School’s Student Lounge near the cafeteria on the second floor.
Closures: The Penguin Store is closed during school breaks and holidays.

Monday 8:00-16:00
Tuesday 8:00-16:00
Wednesday 8:00-16:00
Thursday 8:00-16:00
Friday 8:00-16:00

Please email us at to ask questions and/or place your order.

Picture of parents in PTO Shop in AAS School campus
Picture of PTO-Store interior in AAS School campus