Charitable Matching Fund

Distribution of Funds

This PTO Regulation is to establish the criteria under which the PTO will distribute matching funds to student-­led charitable initiatives and projects. The goal is to support and incentivize students from all Divisions of the school in their efforts to achieve the AAS Mission by contributing as globally aware citizens.

Matching Funds

The PTO will give a 1:1 Matching Fund donation to projects that meet the criteria set out below.

Matching Funds are capped at:

  • $200 for each fundraising activity
  • $1000 annually for each individual charity
  • $5,000 annually in total matching funds from the PTO (maximum cap linked to the PTO budget provision)

The PTO Executive may take the decision to split funds by semester, or as it deems appropriate, to ensure that Matching Funds are available for projects taking place later in the school year.

Student-Led Projects

  • Students have come up with a plan to raise money for the charity via their own initiative. These fundraising activities could include, but are not limited to, bake sales, popcorn sales, yard sales, fundraising evenings or other events.
  • Fundraising activity needs be supported and monitored by a teacher or parent; it is not the responsibility of PTO to provide resources, supervision or facilities.

Eligible Charities

  • The charitable organization has been vetted by and is already supported by the school via student or faculty/staff projects.
  • The fundraising activity has been approved by the Divisional Principal and/or school Administration.
  • Funds are disbursed to the charity via the AAS Business Office.

Process for Applying

  • Application Forms are available from the link on the PTO webpage.
  • Application requires signature of the student and the teacher and/or parent who supervised the project.
  • Applications will only be considered when fully completed and signed, and turned into the PTO Executive Committee along with a receipt from the AAS Cashier validating the deposit of the funds raised.

Matching funds will only be distributed after the student­-led fundraising has been carried out and amount earned validated by depositing funds at the AAS Cashier.

After approval by Executive Committee, the Bank Account details of the charitable organization must be provided to the AAS Business Office who will disburse the total donation. Matching funds can only be provided until the funds have reached their cap.

Approved by PTO Executive and Membership by e­-vote March 2015