PTO Exchange

The Exchange is a place to swap and/or purchase gently used books, uniform, shoes and skates.

It’s located in the Student Lounge, across from the Penguin Shot.

Bring your gently used books, uniform, or skates to The Exchange during opening hours to receive your swap tickets. You can also drop off books at the library and receive tickets. Items can be purchased in The Exchange for swap tickets or rubles!

Due to COVID mitigations it is not open to parents at this time, information about the opportunities to swap used items for Exchange swap tickets or purchase items from the Exchange will be shared via the AAS Newsletter.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Pricing at The Exchange

Cost Item
1 ticket or 100 RUB English and Russian books
2 tickets or 200 RUB Polo shirts, PE t-shirts, PE pants/shorts, school ties, skate bags
4 tickets or 400 RUB Sweaters, sweatshirts, long-sleeved dress shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, pinafores
6 tickets or 600 RUB Skates, shoes

What Not to Swap

  • Books in languages other than English
  • DVDs, CDs, Cassettes
  • Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Teaching or Training Materials
  • Catalogs or Manuals
  • Reference Books (including cookbooks, travel guides, self-help books, etc)
  • Kids Activity Books (coloring, stickers, work books)
  • No uniforms that do not comply with the AAS uniform.
  • No uniform items with stains, holes, rips or excessive fading.

Swap tickets will not be given for any of the above items. However, we will be happy to recycle and/or donate any of the items you bring in that are not swap-ticket-worthy!

Want to volunteer or have questions?

Please note, the store is staffed by volunteers so store hours may change depending on volunteer availability.

If you’d like to volunteer or have questions, please contact Irina Elizarova at