Safety & Secuirty

Safety & Security


AAS Duty Officers endeavor to provide a safe and secure environment for the AAS community and visitors 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In an effort to provide optimum customer service, our Duty Officers ask for your help to ensure safety on the AAS compound.

AAS Duty Officers ask for your help to ensure safety on the AAS compound by adhering to the policies regarding transportation, student pickup/drop off, and ID badges. Use the forms below to apply for family badges, parking passes and visitor access.

**** Please Note ****All tours of the campus must be arranged through the Admissions Office Students, parents, or staff cannot arrange their own visitor tours of the school. 

**** Please Note **** Submitting a visitor's badge request means being responsible for your visitor on campus. You must ensure that each of your visitors is aware off and follows the AAS Code of Conduct and Child Protection Guidelines.  

Access to AAS Facilities

  • On the school compound all adults are required to wear their AAS badge, including parents and family helpers (nannies and drivers). All students in Grades 6-8 are required to have the AAS badge in their possession while on the school compound.
  • Visitors must be announced in advance and need to identify themselves when they arrive at AAS.
  • Tours of school facilities may only be conducted by authorized AAS personnel.
  • Unless participating in a scheduled evening event, all non-staff community members must leave the school before 18:00. Family helpers, drivers, and nannies are not allowed on the AAS compound between 08:35 (09:30 on Wednesdays) and 15:15.
  • Students should leave the AAS compound at the end of the school day or at the conclusion of after-school activities. All students must leave the AAS compound by 18:00.
  • Students who exit the AAS compound at any time during the day will not be permitted to re-enter that day unless accompanied by a parent or family helper, or with authorization from their respective Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • As per AAS Policy (6.70) and all associated handbooks, weapons are strictly prohibited.
  • No pets are allowed on the AAS campus.

Traffic, Parking,Drop off/pick up and badge policy

Правила парковки, посадки/высадкипассажиров и правила допуска

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

  • Students are not allowed to leave the school compound during school hours without written permission from the principal. This rule applies even if the student is accompanied by a parent.
  • Students must be dropped off/picked up and exit the vehicle at curbside only.
  • For families using private drivers, please instruct the drivers to escort students to the car and supervise the students at all times. Drivers are also expected to drive safely on school grounds and listen to the instructions of the school guards.
  • Parking permits & ID badges may be revoked or suspended for unsafe acts. Examples: Speeding (over 10km/h), reckless driving, disregarding guard instructions, dropping off passengers in the middle of the road (not at curbside), use of a horn, use of profanity, fighting, intimidation, etc.

Please help AAS Duty Officer ensure that you and the AAS community are safe and secure at all times. If you witness an unsafe act or see something suspicious, please report it to the closest Duty Officer immediately.

AAS Duty Officers
Anglo-American School Moscow
Security Desk: +7 (495) 009-88-89