ES Students Make Blini


AAS Elementary School students became the Special Guest Chefs during the PTO Coffee last Tuesday. They showed off their meal prep skills to the entire audience of AAS parents who were watching the process online.


There were three stations set up, each of the three ES Chefs occupying their own:

  • Milk & Eggs
  • Water & Butter
  • Toppings


The live stream host, Kristina T., the PTO President, went from one station to the next, passing the bowl. There was a moment of magic when the the blini became ready in a split second, and that brought smiles and laughter all around!

All Chefs then had a chance to pick their topic from the four available: Chocolate, Condensed Milk, Strawberry Jam, and Honey. Amazingly enough everyone chose the same topping! Can you guess what it was?