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Dear Elementary School Families,

Grade One Provocation
On Monday, the Grade One students arrived at school to discover that their beloved Rasheed, a stuffed lion that helps them with phonics, was missing from all of their classrooms. Left behind was evidence of who had taken Rasheed and these were quickly identified by the students and taped off. This was all part of a provocation, set up by teachers to begin a new Unit of Inquiry from the Transdisciplinary Themes of Where We Are In Place and Time and Who We Are. As a part of this unit, the students will be exploring how evidence tells us about the past. Students went through a process of discovering what evidence is, how it is organized, how you pick evidence and how it is displayed. Mr. Burnett, Ms. Villers, Ms, Sharon, Ms. Carpenter, and Mr. Hinton had all stopped by to talk to students about how they might want to borrow Rasheed, for different reasons, the previous week. Evidence left behind included footprints, notes, a teacup, a coffee cup, a novel, and a scarf. The Grade One students worked together to organize their evidence, ask questions and compile the evidence in an organized way in order to determine who had taken Rasheed. You can ask any Grade One student what evidence is, and they should be happy to tell you. Students will apply what they have learned to further opportunities to inquire throughout their unit.

PTO Kids Craft Fair
The annual PTO Kids' Craft Fair at AAS will be taking place this Saturday, 12:00-15:00, in the Student Lounge and South Cafeteria. The crafts have been purchased, the tables are being prepared by student volunteers, the kids are excited, all we are missing are the volunteers to supervise the craft tables. 
A wonderful AAS tradition, this event cannot run without parent volunteers. We are still looking for about 15 volunteers to supervise the craft tables and sell tickets or popcorn. Please consider supporting this student favorite event by volunteering for just 75 minutes this Saturday. We promise that seeing kids smile will be worth it! 
Thank you for continuing to support enrichment activities for AAS students!
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Eric, Jeff and Julie

ES Counselors

Sharon Ronan for PK-2 | sharon.ronan@aas.ru | Room 2131
Donna Hinton for 3-5 | donna.hinton@aas.ru | Room 2130

  • Thank you to those parents who responded to the Parent Coffee interest survey. Our first counselor coffee will focus on the topic of effective communication strategies to use with children and teens. The date and time for this conversation is Friday, October 18 at 9:30 a.m. The location is the Community Room. All are welcome.

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No School - Staff Professional Development Day
Every year the AAS Board approves school wide professional development days for the school year ahead. These days become no school days and are critical to ensure that AAS faculty and staff are up to date on all of their certifications and learning requirements. In 2022-2023, NO SCHOOL - Professional Development days are October 7, 2022, January 9, 2023, and March 24, 2023.
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AAS Director and Deputy Director Community Connection - All AAS Parents Are Invited
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PTO New Book Fair Hall of Flags

Board drop-in sessions with the Community (all parents are welcome)
Virtual Meeting (link will be in the AAS Newsletter)

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PTO New Book Fair Hall of Flags

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