🎓 Congratulations to the Class of 2022! 🎓

Graduation 2022
The Anglo-American School of Moscow


Congratulations to AAS Moscow Class of 2022!!

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, some 20+ AAS Moscow grade 12 students and their friends and families in Moscow started to arrive on campus, getting ready for the Graduation Ceremony.

At the very same time in Zagreb, Croatia, some other 20+ AAS Moscow grade 12 students with their friends and families, as well as the High School Principals, faculty and staff, were also preparing for the Graduation Ceremony.

Yet again, at that time all over the world, some 30+ AAS Moscow grade 12 students, their friends and families, were checking their Internet signals and setting up a live connection to the Graduation Ceremony online.

All three groups of students were about to participate in the most advanced and technologically sophisticated Graduation Ceremony AAS has ever organized and conducted. Moscow, Zagreb, and online participants would see, interact, and experience this memorable event together.

Below are a few highlights from the ceremony, photos from Moscow and Zagreb, as well as the entire recording.

Graduation Highlights

High School Principal and Director

Student Introduction and the Faculty Speaker

Student Speaker

Graduation Livestream Recording

AAS Moscow Graduation Ceremony 2022 Photos

Graduation 2022 - Moscow 

Graduation 2022 - Zagreb

Sunday, May 22 marked the culmination of the High School learning experience for AAS seniors.

What is next?

All Seniors, as well as departing students, parents, and faculty are encouraged to join the AAS Alumni Portal which counts almost 1000 registered members that support each other, provide mentorship opportunities, help find work and answer questions about universities. Join today to connect with friends, hear about upcoming reunions, and stay in touch with us!  

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