Help Madagascar Community Challenge

AAS students participate in a campaign to help the situation in the city of Antanimora, Madagascar


This project is focused on helping people from Madagascar, living in Antanimora.

Antanimora is a small village that is located 65km northwest of Ambovombe (regional capital). The population currently is 10 000 people. They are mainly focused on agriculture and farming.

Currently, there is extreme drought in that part of the country, causing many lives to be lost. Antanimora needs financial support for humanitarian and developmental needs. The money donated would go towards building a well (to provide water for the population of the entire village), aid agricultural production, and purchase seeds to increase crop supplies.

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About MISEVI & My Baobab

The Association MISEVI Polska has been working in Anosy region, Madagascar from 2014 (before as Project M3). 
We run developmental projects aimed towards preventing social exclusion of children, the sick and people with disabilities.

Our work is mostly focused on supporting education and medical services in the establishments of the Lazarists' missionary congregation.

MISEVI provides summer camps for children who cannot attend school during the school year in the city of Taolagnaro. We provide them with meals in a school canteen that we renovated. We also made a physiotherapy room available for the sick.

MISEVI volunteers work in a small clinic in Taolagnaro as nurses, physiotherapists, obstetricians and GPs. This year we finished building a laboratory, and working together with the local community and another Polish Foundation, we also built 4 wells in the Taolagnaro region. 

In Poland MISEVI is providing formation for volunteers who prepare to leave to work in Madagascar.

The My Baobab Foundation, founded in 2007, is an initiative of volunteers acting primarily in support of Malagasy youth.

The majority of us gained experience while staying in missionary centres in various African countries (Madagascar, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda).

The Board Members are Gosia Klein, Adam Dziadak and Ania Piekutowska.

To learn more about us visit:

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This fundraiser was initiated by students from all around the world. All the CEESA communities will be working together to achieve this goal.

Your support will encourage our students to take action and make our world a better place!