We are excited to unveil a fresh look in the Hall of Flags, designed to be a more collaborative and flexible learning and community space. In addition, this refresh aims to deliver a more relevant, interactive, and engaging experience for our learning community.

Creating the right spaces for learning and collaboration is an iterative process that requires flexibility and patience. We have started with a few updates to the furniture and overall design and plan to observe how students are using the space to make further improvements.

You may already be familiar with the interactive screens that engage our community with a digital AAS history timeline (also found on our website), and our school's photo archives. 

Upon your return from winter break, the Hall of Flags will greet you with:

1. New seating configurations and new furniture types designed to make the area better suited for learning and collaboration. 
2. A new visual design of the Hall of Flags wall (a collaboration between our student councils and a young local illustrator). The design represents the diversity of the AAS community, our core values, our students’ experience, and our connection to the Russian culture.
3. And a new display screen designed to relay "just in time" information and celebrations of learning. 

We preserved our school’s original history timeline digitally, turning the timeline into an interactive way to learn about history. In 2019, we observed many students engage and learn from the interactive screens. 

Our architecture and design partners, Fielding Nair International, have incorporated this redesign into their thinking about flexible spaces and creating further collaborative learning opportunities within community spaces.

We look forward to learning from our community’s engagement with this and other spaces across our campus so we can continue to make them more flexible and engaging for learning. 

Below are a few more details about the various parts of this project.