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AAS offers a unique professional experience in a warm, supportive, and internationally diverse environment. We strive to help our students, and staff reach their greatest potential, to meet high professional and personal standards, and to contribute to the vitality of the School.

At AAS, safeguarding children is always our top priority. All candidate finalists undergo a background check and sign a child protection agreement.

We hire directly via online interviews for overseas-hire applicants, We are only able to hire applicants who do not require visas to reside and work in Moscow, Russia at this time.

Subject to the conditions of the Charter, the School will not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, race, color, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation in its employment and personnel practices, admissions and educational programs. 

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An inclusive and international community


Opportunities for travel, trips, experiences beyond the campus


Teachers have access to the latest classroom technologies.


Our teachers are always learning to better themselves and their students.