Welcome to Elementary School

Our elementary students benefit from a holistic education where there is a great emphasis on differentiating the curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students. Our program stems from an inquiry-based approach where children learn to ask and answer important questions about themselves and their learning.


ES PYP Framework

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program

The elementary school at the Anglo-American School of Moscow (AAS) uses curriculum specifically developed for international primary education. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) provides an educational framework based upon what is currently known about how young children learn. It was developed by a group of teachers from a variety of national systems, using their expertise to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of international schools. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) adopted the PYP in 1997, and is designed for students age three to ten (preschool through grade five).

Through both the curriculum and our teaching, the elementary school at AAS aims to develop the intellectual, emotional, and physical potential of each child, in a secure and stimulating environment, directly supporting the school’s mission.


Key Features of Our Elementary School Curriculum

  • International-mindedness: in order to make the most of the diversity of background and experience of our students, the elementary school curriculum synthesizes the best practice from education systems around the world and aims to ease the child’s transition between schools on entering and leaving AAS.
  • Inquiry-based: our teaching methods build on students’ individual knowledge and interests, and emphasize learning how to learn and how to find out, using both traditional and contemporary media.
  • Integrated: the subject areas of language, science, social studies, information technology and library are taught through the trans-disciplinary themes in order to help students make connections between the subjects. Additionally, math, the arts, and physical education are integrated through the trans-disciplinary themes whenever possible. Through this method, teachers are able to facilitate a more effective learning process.
  • Individualized: around the PYP framework we have developed a detailed program of inquiry reflecting the multinational composition of our school population and our location in Russia, and capable of being tailored to the needs of each individual student.
  • Taking action: Students are encouraged to put what they learned into practice through service to the school community, the local community and the global community.


Upcoming Events for Elementary School

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ES Day 4a
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ES Day 5a
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ES Tech: Q&A for parents
ES Day 6a
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ES Day 1b
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ES Day 2b
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ES Day 4b (Huddle B on campus)
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