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Sharon Ronan | PreK - Grade 2
Elizabeth Souba | Grades 3 - 5

Dear Families,

We want to share some information with you about guidance lessons we have with each grade level in ES about Personal Safety in the coming weeks.

We will be covering Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch. Safe Touch is caring and comforting while Unsafe Touch is painful or harmful. It may make you feel scared or uncomfortable. It is not good for you and is hurtful. It may hurt your body or your feelings. We will also talk about Unwanted Touches that a child may not want at that time or from that person.

Our Touching Rules are:

  • No one should touch your private body parts except if needed to help you stay healthy or clean
  • You have the right to say no to unwanted touch

We will also talk with all students about our AAS Safety Steps:

  • Say “NO” in a loud and strong voice
  • Get away
  • Tell a safe grown up

ES students will learn that it is never a child’s fault if someone breaks the Touching Rules.

Children need to be able to identify adults to talk to, both inside and outside the family, since you may not always be available. We have posters around ES that are visual reminders of who our ES Child Protection Officers are. These officers have taken some time to do additional training in child protection. We will be reminding the students that the role of these adults is to help children if they have a concern about their safety or the safety of a friend.

Please note that these classroom lessons are just the beginning of what we all need to do to keep children safe. Research shows that young children retain the skills they have learned by practicing them. You can help your child by reviewing the Touching Rules and practicing the Safety Steps by using pretend situations that include: household help, relatives, older children and neighbors as well as people they don’t know. We would encourage each family to develop a Family Safety Plan with your children, including a confidential Safe Word
that only your family and adults you entrust your children’s care to, will know.

In addition remind your child that:
It is never his/her fault if someone is breaking the Touching Rules.
He or she should never keep secrets about touching.
It is never too late to tell about a touching problem.

Your child’s safety and well-being are our primary concerns. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email or call. Our AAS Child Protection Policy is also on our website, if you would like more detailed information.

Elizabeth and Sharon