High School in Moscow, Russia 

AAS Moscow is re-opening Grades 9-11 in 2023-2024

All core courses and electives will be on campus! We are bringing some new and exciting online options for those students who are interested in extending their learning by taking specialized courses. 

We are excited to welcome back our experienced high school teachers and welcome new international teachers and administrators to our campus next year. 



AAS is continuing to develop the course guide for the 2023-2024 academic year with more and exciting choices.

At this time, we wanted to share the courses confirmed by Feb 2023 for Grade 11 students. 

Grade 11 HS Course Guide

Grade 9-10 HS Course Guide


Our Diplomas

AAS HS Diploma and IB DIPLOMA Program (IBDP)

We are proud of our open enrollment IBDP at AAS. Our five-year average of 93% of students choosing to engage with the full program along with a 93% pass rate attests to the success of our students in this rigorous pre-university program.  While nearly all students take the IBDP, 100% of them will find success through our AAS HS Diploma. These two credentials provide access to top-flight universities across the globe.

program of studies 2021-2022    High School ProfilE and UNIVERSITY ACCEPTANCES 

diagram showing the IB diploma programme


Future-proofing our students

One of the ongoing challenges of education is how do we equip students to face the uncertainty of the future. At AAS High School in Moscow we address this challenge through a focus on the skills and dispositions that provide students with the abilities to transcend the boundaries of content and context as they apply their learning to the novel situations and problems they will meet in the broader world outside of school.

A map showing university destinations for AAS Class of 2022




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