Grade 12 Timeline

August - September

  • Do the best you possibly can in all of your classes. It is the greatest preparation for your IB exams, and many colleges look at grades from all four years of high school, including fall of 12th grade.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor in the first month of school to go over final lists of colleges and universities that interest you. Remember to include “Reach”, “Match”, and “Safety” schools on your list.
  • Figure out who will write recommendations on your behalf and fill out recommendation requests to give to those teachers. Recommendation requests can be found in the college office.
  • Continue your commitment to extracurricular activities like sports teams, yearbook, MUN, theater, etc. since colleges and universities are interested in what you like to do outside of the classroom.
  • Attend university fairs in Moscow.
  • Keep an eye on the HS Flash and BridgeU for news and visits.
  • Meet with college and university representatives who come to visit AAS. They are wonderful sources of valuable information and are often the people deciding whether or not to accept you to a school, so make a good impression!
  • Create accounts at UCAS, Studielink, Common App, and/or sites for any other universities to which you might be applying.
  • Continue revising personal statements and essays. Make sure to bring drafts to the counselors for feedback!
  • KEEP TRACK OF DEADLINES!!!! Use your agendas and outlook calendar wisely to make sure you do not miss important due dates.


October - November

  • Take the SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT if applying to colleges and universities that require them.
  • Be sure to check if the schools require the SAT Subject Tests and register for those if necessary.
  • If applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Medical, Dental or Veterinary programs in the UK, complete your UCAS application by the AAS deadline in early October.
  • If applying Early Decision or Early Action in the US, you must have your Transcript Requests in to the counseling office by October 1.
  • For all Regular Decision applications with January Deadlines, make sure all Transcript Requests are filled out and submitted to the Counseling Office by the third week of November.
  • Request predicted IB grades from the counseling office.



  • Complete the UCAS application by early December.
  • Keep working on Applications with January Deadlines.
  • Continue to ask College Counselors or teachers for feedback on Personal Statements.
  • Colleges inform students of results from Early Decision and Early Action on December 15.
  • Interviews for Oxford and Cambridge


January - March

  • If applying for US Financial Aid, fill out the FAFSA by February 15 (the sooner the better) and for some schools, the CSS profile must be filled out as well.
  • WAIT for notification from the schools to which you have applied.
  • Many UK and Canadian Schools inform students on a “rolling” basis, US schools inform students of decisions in late March.


April - June

  • Continue to receive notifications and weigh university choices.
  • May 1 is the deadline for sending a deposit to the school you will be attending if studying in the US.
  • Early June is the deadline to respond to offers from UK Universities IB exams in May.
  • In June request a final transcript for the school you will be attending.
  • 30 June is the absolute final deadline to apply for UK Universities through UCAS.



  • IB exam results come out in July.
  • Confirm offers from UK schools.
  • If conditional requirements for universities are not met, go through clearing process in late summer.
  • Enjoy the summer months before going off on your new “adventure”.