University Counseling

At AAS, we give each student the knowledge and tools necessary to find a post-secondary option that is right for him or her. Through a process of self-exploration and discovery in advisory, as well as in academic classes and extra-curricular activities, students learn about their strengths and interests.


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Although the process of preparing for higher education begins in grade 9 and continues throughout high school, over the course of grade 11 students will begin to apply what they know about themselves to their university research in order to find the school that fits their individual needs.

The official search begins in December of grade 11 when parents are asked to fill out the Grade 11 Parent Questionnaire. Then in January, all grade 11 students will begin having formal appointments with their assigned counselor.


Picture of High School Students on Graduation Ceremony in Bolshoi-Theatre in school campus

AAS has two HS Counselors who support students throughout their HS experience with social-emotional support, career planning, academic guidance and university planning. We do this through advisory lessons, grade level assemblies and one-on-one meetings. We also provide support to families through parent nights, parent coffees and individual meetings. We are readily available to support students and their families throughout all of the transitions that occur during the HS years. We look forward to speaking with you.

Ms. Lauren Zimmerman
University and Social-Emotional Counselor for Grades 9-12 with the last names of A-K

Email ms zimmerman

Ms. Bryn Will
University and Social-Emotional Counselor for Grades 9-12 with the last names of L-Z

email MS will

A map showing university destinations for AAS Class of 2022



AAS Counselors often receive articles and information about the university admission process, particular programs, and events. Look here for the latest news about virtual visits, admissions trends, and webinars*.

Wondering what a webinar is? It is a virtual seminar with university representatives that can be live or pre-recorded.

2nd Annual Blind University Fair, December 2020

A unique university event attended by our Grade 9-11 students. 

Responsibilities for Success

During the university application process, students, counselors, and parents all have their own set of responsibilities that will help to create a successful enrollment outcome.

No matter where in the world our students would like to study, the counselors are here to help guide them through the admissions maze. Students are welcome to meet with us as many times as they would like, and parents can always join in on those meetings or come on their own. We are here as a resource—please take advantage!