Welcome to Middle School

As a team founded upon caring, committed, and qualified educators, we work hard to provide a rigorous and engaging academic program within the framework of holistic excellence. We are focused on providing a safe and positive experience that develops the individual while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the future. Our middle school is a nurturing, and caring community where all students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive while determining their individual paths in life.


MS Discovery Days - Fall 2022

This year, Middle School went on a Photo Hunt to the nearby beach, spent time outside on the North Field, and had a Jeoparty game (yes, with a ‘t’) among the various activities. Oh, and while at it, the young MS leaders decided to start their Student Council Presidential campaigns right on the same week because why not?

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MS Art Fall 2022

Art classes in the MS are offered as electives, and are popular among students! The art is so influential across the grade levels, it even spills out into the Middle School social life outside the classroom. Let’s take a quick overview of the many creative activities.

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The basic curriculum for all middle school students includes English language, science, mathematics, and social studies. In addition, classes in art, music (either instrumental or vocal), physical and health education, technology, theatre arts, electives, and advisory are required of all students. Russian, French, or Spanish is also a required as a world language course, except for students enrolled as beginners in our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program. We follow the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and language arts curriculum. Our curricular approach emphasizes inquiry and concepts not simply content and passive learning.

The traditional subjects of English and Social Studies are combined into one course, "Humanities," which forms one of the major building blocks of the student’s schedule. In this class, broad areas of inquiry in the subjects of history, economics, sociology and geography often form the basis for continued study and improvement of the traditional areas of Language Arts: reading and literature, writing, and public speaking.

As an international community in line with current educational thought, we strive to provide an education that combines the acquisition of relevant skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values. This philosophy is reflected in our AAS Standards and Benchmarks. Please visit our Learning at AAS page for a full description of our academic standards in all subjects and grades.