Middle School

As a team founded upon caring, committed, and qualified educators, we work hard to provide a rigorous and engaging academic program within the framework of holistic excellence. We are focused on providing a safe and positive experience that develops the individual while preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that await them in the future. Our middle school is a nurturing, and caring community where all students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive while determining their individual paths in life.


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AAS Moscow International CURRICULUM

Our international school curriculum in the AAS Moscow Middle School emphasizes inquiry and cross-subject learning. AAS Moscow is in line with the latest research and international educational approaches. We pride ourselves on being the only international school in Moscow to provide a truly holistic and international education that ensures the acquisition of lifelong skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values in authentic ways. 

The core classes in our Middle School curriculum include English literacy skills, social studies, science, and mathematics. The traditional subjects of English and Social Studies are combined into one class, "Humanities," which forms one of the major building blocks of the student’s schedule. In this class, broad areas of inquiry in the subjects of history, economics, sociology and geography often form the basis for the continued development of English Language Arts skills. 

Students also have the opportunity to develop a second language; courses in Russian, French, or Spanish are offered for non-native speakers.  We also offer the opportunity for Russian Native speakers to further develop their Mother Tongue skills in reading and writing. 

We are fortunate at AAS to have a strong “English as an Additional Language” (EAL) program which supports our students who require strengthening their academic English language skills. 

All AAS Moscow Middle School students also take:  

  • Visual Arts which includes a wide range of fields such as ceramics, graphic design, graffiti art, etc..
  • Performing Arts which includes Drama, Technical Theatre, Sound and Lights, etc...
  • Music which includes Choir and Strings
  • And of course Physical and Health Education 

Please visit our Learning at AAS page for a full description of our academic standards in all subjects and grades.