Special Educational Needs

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department is dedicated to supporting students with academic, social, and behavioral needs through a variety of student support programs.

AAS is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment to students with a range of needs that can be met through school and classroom accommodations, as well as a collaborative atmosphere that values input from students, parents, and teachers in the support process. At this time AAS is able to meet mild to moderate needs of students.

The vision of the SEN Department at AAS is to support the overall AAS Mission, Vision, and Core Values by fostering an environment where...

  • All members of the AAS community embrace and celebrate individual differences and unique qualities;
  • All students are fully included, valued members of the whole school community;
  • All students are supported within their area(s) of need and encouraged to advocate for themselves to ensure their individual needs are met;
  • All staff members take responsibility to meet students’ needs and work actively and collaboratively to do so;
  • All staff members have access to support from specialists and additional training to assist them in meeting the individual needs of their students; and,
  • All students, parents, and staff members are valued, supported members of the educational team who actively participate in the full student support process.