Helpful Resources

Below you will find links to resources that I often introduce to students and parents alike. Although each resource is more helpful when a counselor acts as a guide, each one can also offer something valuable without assistance.

Each of the following resources can be found here.

  •  Basic Needs:  Lists the key motivators for people’s actions
  •  Seven Deadly and Caring Habits:  Explores both the keys to building relationships as well as the most common ways people destroy them
  •  Negotiating Differences:  Offers one possible approach to resolving conflicts, helping people who want to maintain a relationship find a mutually acceptable solution to challenges at hand
  •  ABC Theory Overview:  Examines the possibility that most conflict derives from one’s belief about the motive behind an action, NOT the acting experience itself 
  •  The Grab Bag:  Reviews some methods people use to help people relax, think, and move forward. Reach in, pull out and use two or three of these when things are feeling a little rough 
  •  Moscow Community Counseling Resources–:  Lists therapists who regularly meet with Moscow’s English speaking expat community to offer more regular support  

Below you can find presentations from recent Counselor Coffee Mornings



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