Middle School World Traditions Project

Middle School World Traditions Project

World Traditions by MS Students

Congratulations to MS students who successfully completed their World Traditions Projects!

Students from Ms Lena's class researched dozens of traditional art works of the various cultures around the world and chose one to do themselves.

Clay Koru Necklace Presentation

The research phase focused on the many traditional art forms of a particular country. Even though each student chose one country, the research had to cover as many traditional art forms of that country as possible. Then the students each chose one particular art form to re-create themselves.

Mosaic Craft & Four-Leaf Clover Craft

Most students chose small hand crafted art forms, such as Japanese Amigurumi (small crochet dolls), or Russian Matreshka (nested wooden figures), or Koru Necklaces of New Zealand. Other students chose to make miniatures of a larger traditional art forms (Chinese Paper Dragons or Teepee tents of North America).

Paper Dragon Presentation

After the research and crafting stages students made presentations, both in-person and online, about the chosen World Traditions and the entire process of making the art pieces. Their works were then put on the display at the MS Hallway.

MS students' works display cabinet