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Schoolwide Events

Family Fair - September 2022

The Anglo-American School of Moscow with Association of European Businesses would like to thank all the guests, partners, volunteers, and supporters who made the Family celebration at AAS a massive success!

August at AAS

Take a look at the most memorable moments from the first two weeks of learning below.

AAS Opening Ceremony

Thank you to everyone who joined us on AAS campus to celebrate the beginning of the new 2022-2023 school year! The event took place at the Bolshoi Theatre space, where students, parents, faculty and staff members gathered after the first day of school.


Elementary School

Learning at AAS Kindergarten

The role of play is essential in children’s lives. Play contributes to social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Learning in the early years is most effective when there is a balance of child-initiated play and adult-initiated learning engagements.

Studio 1 Art Quotes Mural

Congratulations to the Elementary School Art students who started their journey of art exploration this year by painting an Art Quotes mural!

AAS Library Is Open To You

AAS Library is a spacious learning environment for all the members of the AAS community. There are over 55,000 items in the library, including books, magazines, videos and more, all available to AAS students, faculty and staff members, as well as parents.


Middle School

MS Discovery Days - Fall 2022

This year, Middle School went on a Photo Hunt to the nearby beach, spent time outside on the North Field, and had a Jeoparty game (yes, with a ‘t’) among the various activities. Oh, and while at it, the young MS leaders decided to start their Student Council Presidential campaigns right on the same week because why not?

MS Art Fall 2022

Art classes in the MS are offered as electives, and are popular among students! The art is so influential across the grade levels, it even spills out into the Middle School social life outside the classroom. Let’s take a quick overview of the many creative activities.

Grade 6 Science

It takes a lot of thinking, resilience, and… well… experimentation to succeed. It is hard to figure things out. Yet, you rarely see a class this much engaged in learning.

First MS Assembly of 22-23

The MS assembly was full of smiles, animated talks, elated spirits, and even included a spontaneous 'Happy Birthday' song for Ms Lena, a beloved MS teacher. It felt great to be connecting together as a Middle School community in our gorgeous Bolshoi Theater.

Science Projects in Grade 8

What is the essential tool of science? Why, experiment! Testing your assumptions with a carefully constructed, replicable and falsifiable experiment is the cornerstone of scientific method. And our Grade 8 students discover it first hand during their Science classes.


Penguin Life

Family Splash Day

Thanks to all the participants of our first Family Splash in school year 2022-23! It was great to see so many families in the pool enjoying their time together and having fun.

PL Soccer Practice with Anton Shkarin

AAS Penguin Life wants to thank our special guest, world-class beach soccer athlete, Anton Shkarin, who visited AAS to a joint ES and MS soccer practice at the South Field.