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MS Drama Rehearsals 2021

Take a look at the pictures from the MS Drama rehearsals and see if you can recognize someone you know.

Super Saturday

Student athletes from Middle School and High School divisions, as well as AAS faculty and staff members spent last Saturday swimming and playing tennis.


AAS first ever Penguin Intramural Football League (High School division) is an example of highly successful community work by Penguin Life leadership, coaches, and student athletes.

AAS First-Ever Esports Match

Last week AAS students had their very first Esports match with the team of Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS), Kuwait.

It has been an intense match with each team winning one of the two rounds, while the third decisive game will be held later this week. Go Penguins!


Middle School students play soccer at PIFL game this Tuesday.

Professional Development October 2021

Before diving deep into learning sessions and practice, most participants also 'warmed up' their neurons by having an hour-long morning activity of their choosing: a forest walk, a music playing session, sports, arts, and many more.

AAS TV Meeting October 2021

AAS TV leadership discussed the High School Announcements project and upcoming Blind University Fair Highlights project during a planning session with Mr Evgenii.

PL Volleyball

Penguin Life Fall Season of HS Girls Volleyball is in full swing.

Congratulations to Liza and Angelo from Grade 8 on putting together this video of the latest Art display in the MS Hallway!

Pre-PIFL Practice

High School athletes had a practice and a leadership workshop in the beginning of the week. Students and coaches are getting ready for the upcoming games of the Penguin Intramural Football League.

ES Drama Rehearsals

Young actors and actresses are getting ready to perform a play. It all starts with the script and acting practice.

Studio One ES Art

Our youngest students are exploring various materials, techniques and ideas to create unique works of art: from a classroom full of chairs to the seashore with waves!

Cap and Gown

It's an exciting time here at AAS, students of all grades are being photographed for the Yearbook. Last week Grade 12 students dressed up to have their Cap & Gown photos taken!