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May 18, 2022

🖼  High School Art Competition Finalists

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 'Through My Window' Art Competition!

There were so many stunning works submitted over the course of last month, that we now have not one, but three finalists! Congratulations Kyuri, Hyeonho, and Moojin! See their artworks below.

Kyuri | Photo | Pen
"My artwork is inspired by the photo below, looking through the car window. I used a medium black inked pen. Although the color of the drawing is white and black, I gave the contrast by using the pen lightly for bright areas and adding more ink for the dark ones. In this artwork, I focused on the view of looking outside, so I put more value on the inside than just having a few lines to indicate the window. Also, one more reason that I haven't given in the car window is that I didn't want to make the drawing too complex."

Hyeonho | Photo | Digital

"My artwork is based on a photo of one of the windows in my house. Through the window, I could see trees and grass, but it felt a bit empty. Thus, I decided to implement fictional elements into my drawing. I came up with a hypothetical situation where my neighbourhood sinks underwater and a marine biome is formed near the window. I included various sea organisms such as an octopus and a starfish. I also made the crocs on the balcony float upwards to show that the drawing is set underwater."

Moojin | Photo | Oil Pastels, Crayon and Marker
I tried to maximize the romantic, nostalgic atmosphere of the sunset in the painting. So, using colored pencils and oil pastels, the boundaries of objects were deliberately blurred. The blue human figure added to the center of the painting is symbolises "night." Personification of night was the idea when I came up with when imagining the quiet late night scenery after the beautiful sunset. The motif of the person sitting on the window is Peter Pan. Peter Pan in blue who came to Wendy not in the middle of the night but at sunset.

Also, congratulations to the young artists who participated in the Competition, your vision is unique and valuable. In fact, even choosing the three finalists was challenging among so many great works of art, so if you interested in exploring more artists, visit the Art Competition website below.

Visit the Site Here

Special thanks to Ms.Butler for organizing, conducting, and publishing the High School Art Competition!

⭐️  Today@AAS April 2022

Let's celebrate our youngest students, and see how life on campus has been gradually developing throughout April.


It was over a month ago when Pre-K and Kindergarten students returned to campus, followed closely by Grade 1 and 2 students. This week we are happy to see Grade 3 – 5 back!