Student News

June 15, 2022

PL Strings Recital Song and Dance

🎻  Song and Dance

Congratulations to the young Penguins the musicians!

Last week Penguin Life Strings club performed a series of music pieces in the Hall of Flags for the Elementary School students. Take a look at one of the pieces titled 'Song and Dance' below.


Solo parts by: Luca, Mira, Neha, Lily, Yujin, Jinwoo, Nastya, Gio, Emma, and Yuichiro.

The entire concert with the special online performances will be available online over the summer.

Drama Studio 2022

🎭  Drama Studio Performance

Congratulations to the young actors and actresses who performed three dialogues on camera last week!

Over the course of the Penguin Life spring season the Drama Studio has rehearsed and then filmed three dialogues: 'My Dog Ate My Homework', 'The Big Lie', and 'Excuses'. Each narrative explores teacher-student dynamic, as well as provides a humorous angle to each of the performances. For a quick glimpse into the creative process, watch the video below.