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AAS Events

2022 Halloween At AAS

Scary monsters, beautiful princesses, pumpkins and puppies, ghosts and demons, superheroes, wizards, a caravan of spooky, fun, and most creative characters including a full-size dinosaur…


As the second Quarter of the 2022-2023 school year has just started, let's have a look at what was AAS life like in October!

AAS History Museum

Did you know that AAS has a museum of school’s history, which is located on campus, near the Administrative area on the first floor?

PTO Kids' Craft Fair 2022

It was so nice to see so many of you and your kids at the event. This is a great way to support your kids’ social and emotional development, introduce them to the concept of volunteer work, and provide a real life example of fun community engagement.


Penguin Life Events

Penguin Life Basketball Winter Season 2022

It takes time, concentration, and a lot of patience to gradually build the skills to have a chance to compete among the International schools. AAS is fortunate to have the opportunity to invite the best coaches to guide our students through the training, and help the teams build the required trust and confidence.

Mathcounts Winter Season Start

AAS Moscow students show tremendous courage to join and compete in the Mathcounts competition. We call these students mathletes, underscoring the fact that just like any other athlete, they require concentration, stamina, and discipline to succeed.

Penguin Life

Penguin Life program spans three seasons: Fall (late August – late October), Winter (early November – early March), and Spring (mid March – early June). We are proud of our Fall Season students and their achievements, and are excited about the upcoming Winter Season, which starts on Monday, November 14.

PL Fall 2022 Swim Meet

On the very last day of the season AAS hosted about 80 swimmers from 6 different schools. It was a great joy to see so many students competing in different distances and styles.

MAC Fall Football Tournament

We strongly believe that playing sports helps students not only to develop their physical skills, but also build character. We look forward to next year, when AAS will have teams playing in both MS and HS divisions.



Elementary School Events

An Apple A Day

Elementary School Music students celebrate their Apple Unit by inviting their friends, fellow students, teachers, and parents to this concert. The audience also gets the chance to discover, together with the students performing, how a song is like an apple, and an apple is like a song!

Submarine Museum Visit

AAS Kindergarteners could hardly contain their excitement and fascination when surrounded by all the electronics, machinery, and the way the space is meticulously designed and organized to support a submarine crew under tons of water pressure.

Halloween Elementary School

Thank you to parents, teachers, students, and everyone in the AAS community who made this celebration special for our youngest trick-or-treaters!

AAS Band

The Band is a popular elective for AAS students from grades 5 – 8. Their Winter Concerts is an exciting December tradition at the school, and we can't wait to hear the Band perform this year!

Writing Celebration by Grade 1

Over the course of the past couple of months, as part of their Writing Unit, grade 1 students wrote various stories, and today both Grade 1 classes, 1AE and 1MO, join their creative powers in celebration of Writing.


Middle School Events

Halloween Middle School

AAS Middle School students rocked the campus with their Halloween characters last week in a stunning display of the community spirit!

AAS Band

The Band is a popular elective for AAS students from grades 5 – 8. Their Winter Concerts is an exciting December tradition at the school, and we can't wait to hear the Band perform this year!

MS Humanities Students Save the World

An alien race from outer space has prepared a nasty surprise for humanity, their hidden drones will activate soon, and change the face of the Earth forever to suit the needs of its new alien inhabitants. What about humans? Sorry, you’ll have to go extinct.

MS Stuco Presidential Election Speeches

After days of campaigning, the candidates delivered their final campaign speeches to fellow students and faculty during the Middle School Assembly in the Bolshoi Theater. And what a high-performance delivery it was!