HS Open House

We look forward to welcoming our HS students to the 2020-2021 school year.

Grade 9: CLICK HERE to watch a recording of our Monday, August 24, Virtual Open House Orientation

All HS Students and Parents:

  • You will receive an email on Sunday evening with more details about how to access learning, schedules, and class pages. 
  • Tuesday, August 25 will be a Day 1 and Wednesday will be a Day 2 in our schedule. Check your email for more details
  • Trouble logging into any of your meetings, systems, or gradebooks? Email distance.learning@aas.ru 

How/When can I get textbooks?

Schedules will be available Monday Morning

Schedule Questions?

Students! Click on the appointment link to join the HS counselors, Ms. Zimmerman and Ms. Will, along with IB Coordinator Mr. Sonderman on Monday, 9AM to 12 PM to address any scheduling questions. If it is a quick or easy question, please email the respective person. If it requires a change in classes or discussion, please make an appointment using the links below.

Schedule Questions Appointment Links

Open House and Start of School Info from Dr. Schuster

August 5 Video from Dr. Schuster about HS Learning Plans

How to access Webex Meetings and Events

You can join this Webex Event in 3 different ways. 
1. recommended By Browser (no download needed - select "Join by browser" option - see example)
2. Via a desktop/laptop application (must download the Webex Meetings App) 
3. Via a mobile app (must download the Webex Meet mobile app)

  • We recommend that you review this video tutorial on Webex Meetings from our Learning Technology Director, Paul Carpenter. 
  • This event is being scheduled to accommodate a large number of participants, therefore, all participants will be muted.  
  • In order for this event to still be interactive, participants can use the Q&A section of the digital event to submit additional questions live during the event.
  • We encourage you to review the questions received and answers already provided through the rolling Q&A