Thank you, Olga!

Olga Miram Will Be Retiring

Olga Miram, our Facilities & Housing Manager, has been an integral part of AAS since 2001.  Olga has shared with leadership that she will be retiring as of the end of this coming summer.  Olga graduated from the Moscow Building Construction University and until 1998 worked in a foreign trade firm that was involved in the construction of different projects including hotels, industrial buildings, and other major projects.

Olga's Work Experience

Starting from 1998, Olga worked with Parsons (an American company) and was directly involved in the construction of the current AAS campus.  Upon completion of the building, Olga was hired by AAS, and from 2001 -2019 served as our Housing Coordinator, overseeing all aspects of the AAS-provided accommodations.  From 2019-2021, we have been privileged to have Olga leading AAS’s physical facilities, both the campus and more than 100 leased apartments, in her role as the Facilities and Housing Manager.

Working At AAS Moscow 

Olga shared that, for more than 20 years, she has enjoyed every aspect of her profession and working at AAS; engaging with staff to solve a multitude of day-to-day questions, and working with the diversity of international faculty from all over the world.  She expresses her gratitude to the current and past leadership of AAS, who has been instrumental in creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere of collaboration, respect, and fostering dedication at all levels of the school. 

Thank you, AAS Moscow Housing and Facilities Teams!

Olga would like to pay special respects to the memory and many contributions of Alexander Solovyov, her colleague and professional partner, with whom she worked together on the AAS campus construction, and after the opening of the building in 2000 for the following 19 years up to August 2019.  Alexander, like Olga, put his heart and soul into his work at AAS.  Olga would also like to recognize the professionalism, dedication, and work of our maintenance teams, serving both the school campus and apartments, and thank them for their commitment and reliability.

Thank you, Olga!

Olga will be finishing the school year and has offered her availability over the coming year during our transition to the NKO.  Thank you Olga for your commendable service and years of dedication to AAS!  Your contributions and commitment to AAS have been and extraordinary.  We will miss you!

AAS Moscow's New Facilities & Housing Manager

Dmitry Dementyev, currently our Deputy Facilities & Housing Manager, will be transitioning into Olga’s role over the coming months.  We are currently accepting applications for the Deputy role, as well as a new Administrative Assistant position to further support the Facilities department.  HR will be sending further information.

Thank you!

Please take an opportunity to thank Olga for what she has helped create at AAS, we are fortunate to have had her as a part of our team!  We wish Olga all the best life has to offer as she transitions into her retirement.