AAS Moscow's Quarterly Professional Development Day

AAS Moscow's Culture of Lifelong Learning

An attitude of lifelong learning is not just something we teach to students. AAS teachers and non-teaching staff regularly engage in individual professional development that sharpens their skillsets. Staff can apply for professional development grants aimed at obtaining education and certifications that can better support student learning and make our staff members more effective contributors to the AAS Moscow learning ecosystem.

Quarterly Professional Development Days for Staff and Faculty 

Each quarter, AAS creates a unique opportunity to foster learning among the staff by providing an entire day dedicated to professional development. Our staff's learning accelerates tenfold during dedicated PD days as teacher experts share their skills, professional workshops are being hosted, and we engage in the unpacking of big ideas behind the science of international education. Learning micro-communities are formed with each member acting often as a student and a teacher, depending on the topic being explored and members of each learning group. These professional development days provide a unique opportunity for AAS faculty and staff to feel more connected with others who are outside of their department, learning to appreciate the variety of perspectives and skillsets our professional teaching community has to offer. 

Fire-Up The Neurons

It all starts with the 45 minutes of morning ‘warm-up’ sessions: Fire-Up The Neurons. These range from forest walks, yoga, and meditation, to playing instruments, painting, and craft-making! The purpose of these 45 minutes is to prime our brains for learning. With a dozen staff members leading different activities, there is always something for everyone. 



Now that brains are ready for learning, staff can attend a certification session or professional development opportunities that range from advanced skills for new learning technologies to mastering complex communication techniques and supporting children that require unique teaching approaches. 


360 Degrees of Learning

We believe that learning is social and personal and that it is critical for students to own their learning journeys. This is why we invited students to share their voices during our staff professional development day. This year the Equality Club students facilitated a workshop with staff that focuses on gender equality. Students tackled gender rights questions in a compelling and engaging way, inviting attendees to explore these issues together and raise awareness within the AAS community.


Embracing Digital & Hybrid Learning

Almost half of the sessions on March 5 were in the online format with an emphasis on connecting the offline and online audiences so that every voice could be heard. 


Thank you!

A big thank you to our learning coordinators, Kirsten Welbes, and Maureen Carpenter, and to all of our session leaders, facilitators, experts, and attendees who have made this learning day a success, inspiring us to continue and put our best foot forward in order to develop academic and holistic excellence in each student that attends the Anglo-American School of Moscow.