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  • Registration for Term 2 clubs opens on October 16 and continues until October 29. Do not miss out! 
  • Participation guidelines and other details can be found at
  • Term 1 of Penguin Clubs continues until October 17

Registration reminder:
Registration for ES Penguin Clubs is complete when parents receive an automatic email confirmation from ACTIVE registration system. If no confirmation arrived, please go back to registration page and continue the process.

CLICK HERE to review the list of Penguin Clubs available in Term 2



  • NEW! We Want YOU... TO BE A LIFEGUARD!!!
    • Join our team of American Red Cross (ARC) Certified Lifeguards
    • Penguin Life will be providing training for any students and adults age 15+ 
    • Mr. David Ismailov and Mr. Dmitry Demin will be AAS's new Certified Lifeguard Instructors and will provide all the training for ARC certification
      • Prerequisite Assessment being on October 30
      • Lifeguard courses begin on November 23

CLICK HEREfor registration and additional Lifeguard information 

picture of Lifeguard in AAS school swimming pool


  • UPDATE! Saturday Swim Program (SSP)
    • In order to provide AAS Moscow Aquatics Programs' with our continued safe environments, we are delaying the start of the SSP.
    • Our SSP instructors will be involved in instructing and assisting with the Lifeguard certification courses during the month of November and December. 
    • AAS will have a full squad of Lifeguards ready to GUARD over the Saturday Swim Program starting on January 18
      • Watch this space, for registration information over the next few weeks


  • UPDATE! Individual Swimming Lessons
    • Read ALL INFORMATION in the Individual Swimming Lesson Section of the website 
    • Registration for Individual Swimming Instruction is now available. REGISTER HERE



Reminder! Global Squad Basketball Camp
  • GS basketball camp is a training camp for basketball players at the next level. Students that register for this camp should have above average basketball skills and should have played for one of the Penguin competitive teams. This camp is not developmental and not for students that would like to learn-how-to-play basketball. Focus will be on advanced strategies and skill development. REGISTER HERE
    • November 14-17, 2019 for HS
    • November 16-17, 2019 for MS 


  • CEESA D2 Varsity Girls Volleyball Tournament
    • AAS Moscow will be hosting this tournament on November 1-2
    • Check out the Itinerary and Tournament Draw CLICK HERE

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