Washing Hands

🧼  Washing Hands

Elementary School students learned that even 'clean' hands might require good washing!

Ms.Olga from AAS Health Office and Elementary School students have conducted several experiments with the invisible 'germ gel' and an all-revealing 'black light'.


Before entering the class, Ms.Olga sprayed Health Office's favorite toy, Mr.Penguin, with an invisible 'germ gel'. Once in the class, most students wanted to 'pet' the likable fellow and naturally touched and stroked its faux fur, picking up the invisible 'dirt'.


After a brief presentation, Ms.Olga told the kids that their beloved furry friend had made their hands dirty. "But my hands are clean!" - replied one of the students. "Mine too!" - added others.


They've checked their hands under the 'black light' to reveal the truth. Sure enough, the particles became visible!


The students then washed the 'dirt' off and checked the results under the light again. It turns out, some methods of washing hands were less effective than others! Now, what precisely is the most effective way of washing our hands?


Ms.Olga continued her presentation, showing the students the proper way to clean all the germs off. After the second run to the sink and the soap, the students' hands were much cleaner!

Some students even asked Ms.Olga to spray their hands with the 'germ gel' to test their newly acquired washing technique one more time.

"Sometimes you can't see how dirty your hands really are, so you still need to wash them regularly," - remarked Ariel, one of the ES students, looking closely at her sprayed palms.

By the end of the presentation, all children have washed their hands, paying attention to how to do it properly.

Are you washing your hands properly? Do you know how to clean all the germs away? Learn more at the presentation below!

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