What Does it Take to Win Robotic Competitions?

The First Tech Challenge Robotics team at AAS is assembled into four groups. 

The Design and Building Team

The Design and Building team is the largest group in our team, it contains only 4 team members. Our group is the one who designed our robot from a simple idea that was written on the board to reality in computer software. The software used to design our robot is called Inventor. In this software, we have designed every part of our robot. We also use this software to design parts that we can print in our 3D printer or manufacture from metal. The second biggest responsibility was to build the robot, as well as having responsibility for all the electronics of the robot (soldering, connecting, etc.). This year is the first year in the FIRST Tech Challenge that we have combined into different groups to merge, due to lack of people, so it was necessary to go over the basic concepts and principles before beginning work on the robot this season.

The Programming Team

The Programming team is responsible for writing the robot's code. For the first time in our team’s history, this was the group that contained the least number of members. Most of the team is made up of newcomers that had little to no experience with programming. The team leader however, had already past experience with programming, as he was. However, this did not stop the team from restarting the entire process to introduce new members of the Programming team, who quickly grasped the material.

The Logistics Team

This group mainly focuses on the design, branding, marketing, community and volunteering. This group of people plays an important role in the logistics and inventorying of the materials. They have dedicated their time to come up with ideas in order to advertise and showcase our club to our community, such as creating the name of the team, the logo and promotional material of our team for others, in and out of FIRST Tech Challenge and CEESA competition.