Nutrition at AAS

Children, tweens, and teens experience many changes throughout their school years. Building healthy food and physical activity habits will help them now and as they enter adulthood.

Nutrition at AAS allows students to make healthy and tasty choices through a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as all dishes which are prepared with high quality and wholesome ingredients.


Elementary School

ES Lunch Prices


Lunch Prices

  • Pre-K: 150 rubles
  • K-Gr.3: 180 rubles
  • Gr. 4- 5: 190 rubles

Cafeteria Prepayment Form

Picture of Elementary School children in South cafeteria in AAS School Campus

Pre-K Lunch Order

Lunch Ordering

Pre-K: Order via email for the upcoming week. Complete the lunch order form and choose the options your child would like.
Kindergarten to Grade 5: Choose lunch in the cafeteria

Pre-K Lunch Order Form

Middle & High School

Lunch Prices

Lunch Prices

  • Middle School: No fixed price combinations
  • High School: No fixed price combinations
  • On average, students spend 170-225 rubles on lunch
picture of food in cafeteria in AAS School campus

Middle & High School Menu

This week

Next week

Your Cafeteria Account

Managing Your Account

You can access your family's cafeteria account online to monitor and manage your cafeteria purchases when using your parent or student ID card.

You and your children (and drivers, nannies, etc) all share the same cafeteria account. You can use this system to:

  • Manage all cards issued to your family (parents, students and family helpers)
  • View current account statement
  • Set up notifications and balance alerts

Your card number is the 16-digit number beginning with 9643 on the back of your ID card. New Parents, your default PIN is 1234. Please change your pin when you login for the first time by clicking Manage My Cards > Actions > Change Pin.

Topping Up Your Account

Parents and guardians can top up their cafeteria accounts by bringing cash (rubles only) and the filled out cafeteria prepayment form found at the cash registers in the North Cafeteria to:

  • the cash registers (money appears on account next day),
  • or by paying cafeteria staff at the table in front of the South Cafeteria student lounge entrance on weekdays, 8.30 - 10.00 (money appears on account same day).

If for any reason a parent or guardian cannot make it to school to top up your family cafeteria account:

  • The cafeteria will accept from a student a sealed envelope with cash (rubles) and attached payment form which clearly identifies the account to which it should be deposited
  • Please note that the school or the cafeteria are not responsible for any lost money.



Q: My child lost his or her card. What do we do?
A: Any lost or stolen ID card should be immediately reported to the AAS Security desk at the main entrance. For a new card to be issued, you have to fill in a replacement badge application form. Cards for Elementary, Middle, and High school students are delivered to the respective school office for pickup by the students. Parents can pick up their new badge at the Security desk.

Q: If I block a card via the web portal, can I unblock it later?
A: Yes.

Q: If I block a card and my child tries to use it, what will happen?
A: When the card is swiped, an error message will appear and the cashier will ask for another form of payment. Students may be referred to a school teacher or administrator for assistance.

Q: If I need help with my card number or PIN number, who should I contact?
A: All inquiries should be sent to or logged at You will receive assistance via email. Be sure to describe your problem with as much detail as possible.

Q: Is there any other way to check an account balance?
A: You can always ask for help from our cafeteria management team. 

Q: Are there any general precautions about storage and handling of a card?
A: You should handle your card as you would normally handle a credit card -- i.e. no ironing, no contact with microwaves or strong magnetic fields. Your card should work for 2-3 years.

Q: How secure is the system?
A: We use Visa and MasterCard certified (PCS) terminals (HyperCom) to process all transactions. The system is as secure as using your personal credit card in any other retail outlet.

Thanks to our talented student translator Ji Hoon, you can also read this information in Russian or in Korean.

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