10 reasons to love the AAS Cafeteria

1.       Everything is made from 100% natural products, with no artificial additives

2.       Daily vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options

3.       Daily made pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce and 100% natural cheese.

4.       Hamburgers with 100% beef and freshly baked buns.

5.       Fresh cream, butter, milk, cheese and 100% natural cooking oils (no vegetable or palm oils).

6.       Kinder – Grade 5 (South Cafeteria)

5 hot dishes, 2 sandwiches, 4 different sides, one dessert
A salad bar, sliced veggies, and two pre-made salads daily
Whole and cut fruits + hot soup
Reasonably priced meals ranging from 390 to 430 rub.

7.       Kinder – Grade 5 can have seconds from the regular menu without extra charge

8.       PreK classroom delivered lunches at 350 rub per day

9.       Grades 6-8 (North Cafeteria)

Healthy choices shown first with many salad and vegetable options
Sugar free granola bars, yogurt parfait and real fruit smoothies
Homemade lemonade and berry drinks and no sugary sodas
Sushi and snack bars
Reasonably priced meals from 250 to 430 rubles.

10.   In the Community Lounge Area:

Coffee & snacks served to parents from 8:00 to 17:30
Parents are welcome to have breakfast in the cafeteria after 8:00
Lounge area available for parent lunches and dinners