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Penguin Life incorporates our elementary after-school program and our middle and high school athletics, activities, and aquatics programs. Penguin Life is your "one-stop shop" for everything that is happening outside of the regular school day - in all divisions!

Our objective is to provide a diverse and challenging program that complements our academic programs and fosters within all of our students the importance of both academic and holistic excellence. By incorporating all after-school opportunities from all divisions into one department, we streamline the students' and parents' processes, including scheduling, sign-ups, payments, and communication. We are trying to make it possible for our students to take advantage of as many of our rich and diverse extracurricular offerings as they'd like!


MS/HS Sport Camps

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Hoodie Orders

The AAS Moscow hoodie is the official travel apparel for our Penguin Life teams.

All students that are selected for a team are eligible to buy their very own hoodie. 

Orders are being processed according to the schedule below. If you miss the order deadline, your hoody will not be ready on time for your travel.

Order deadlines in SY 2019-20:

  • September 5
  • October 17
  • December 12
  • January 30
  • March 19
  • April 16

Ordering Instructions

  • If you have a hoodie that fits and is in good condition… kindly do not order a new one… we are low on stock
  • The hoodies are ONLY for MS/HS team members and not for parents, brothers or sisters. Sorry :(
  • The hoodies should arrive 1-2 weeks after the order date
  • Once the hoodies arrive, they will be distributed only if they are paid, or you will be notified by email
  • Once you place your order, we consider your hoody purchased. Make payment at the school cashier in the Administrative Office
  • Students can only order one hoodie per school year

Participation Eligibility


  • Participation in the Penguin Life Program is a privilege that must be earned by maintaining acceptable academic achievement. Students are expected to be passing all classes and showing good effort throughout.
  • Participation in Penguin Life events will be extended only to those who meet the standards of eligibility established by host organization (e.g. CEESA/ISTA/MUN) and the school. All students have the right to participate, however the school is not required to allow participation unless the student meets and maintains the following criteria.


Student Conduct and Behavior

  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit on themselves, AAS and the school community.
  • Behavior and / or conduct not in the best interest of the school that occur either in activity endeavors or non-activity situations may constitute grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team and / or school depending upon the gravity of the offense.
  • All school and team rules must be adhered to.



  • Attendance at practices and events is mandatory; the only possible exceptions being illness and family circumstances. The coach should be informed prior to the practice or event to be missed.
  • Failure to notify a coach will result in disciplinary action by the coach and / or Penguin Life administrator. Violation of attendance policy may jeopardize one’s placement in the activity and/or traveling team.
  • Participants are expected to attend all classes on days of practice sessions, trips and the day after returning from the trip.
  • Participants must be on time for all classes, practice sessions, events, and meetings.



  • If a participant is involved in a major violation of the school rules or activities code, they will be temporarily suspended from an activities team and / or from school, while circumstances are evaluated.
  • The circumstances surrounding the major violation will be reviewed by the appropriate Coach, Penguin Life Administrator, divisional Principal, and School Director. The outcome of this review may result in a student being excluded from all activities for the remainder of the season, semester or school year. Depending on the circumstances, a student may also be suspended or excluded from school.


Penguin Host Program: Any student accepting membership on an activities team at AAS must be aware of the hosting responsibilities that AAS accepts as members of CEESA, other associations, or as the event host for other special events. When AAS hosts a tournament or weekend event when an overnight stay is required, accommodation must be provided for the students visiting AAS. By accepting membership on an after school activity, the student and family also accepts responsibility for providing accommodation for visiting teams during the year through their membership of the Penguin Host Program.

The school appreciates that there are occasions when unusual circumstances or family situations exist that may prevent someone from upholding their commitment to this program. However, every attempt should be made by a participating student’s family to make suitable agreements with another AAS community member to fulfill the requirements of this important commitment.

Code of Conduct

These regulations shall be followed by students participating in all events (whether athletic, academic, cultural etc.) that involve traveling and/or hosting. Any student who participates in such event agrees, by signing below, to obey all regulations.

Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco Products

  • The use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • I have read and understand the ‘AAS Policy on Drugs and Alcohol’ and the ‘Use of Tobacco Products’ in the School Planner.


Dress Code

  • Students are expected to dress in a safe and healthy manner. Clothing choices should also be sensitive to other cultures. Travel wear determined by the coach must be adhered to throughout the trip.
  • Teams may elect to wear a more formal style of dress when traveling to games or events. This decision will be managed by the coach.


Housing/Hotel Stay

  • Students shall obey all instructions given to them by their coaches and/or their host parents as if these instructions were given to them by their own parents. This applies to all activities irrespective of location undertaken during the period of the event.
  • Student curfew for all school-sponsored events is 22:00. Students are expected to be under the direct care of their coach/host unless attending a sanctioned group activity, at the discretion of the coach and host.
  • Housing arrangements made by the responsible official of the host school may not be changed.
  • Students must display appropriate respectful behavior at all times to: their peers, event officials, event sponsors, coaches and all members of the host community.



If a participant is involved in a major violation of the school rules or activities code during an away activities trip, the coach will carry out one or both of the following:

  1. Remove them from the host school housing and place them in a hotel at their parent’s expense. The participant will be excluded from any competition and social events for a set period of time. The participant will be allowed to remain on the trip.
  2. Notify the parents that a violation has occurred, and that their son / daughter will be placed on the next available flight to Moscow at the parent’s expense.

The circumstances surrounding a major violation will be reviewed by the appropriate Coach, Activities Coordinator/Athletics Director, Divisional Principal and School Director. The outcome of this review may result in a student being excluded from all activities for the remainder of the season, semester or school year. Depending on the circumstances, a student may also be suspended or excluded from school.

Penguin Life Department

Phone: +7 (495) 231-1061
Email: plife@aas.ru

Kirby Boychuk

Kirby Boychuk

Athletics Director
Elena Plyuta

Elena Plyuta

Activities Coordinator