Elementary school Penguin Clubs

Penguin Clubs are comprised of enrichment and recreational activities from the arts to sport. The program is well balanced with emphasis on the combination of education and recreation. The activities offered fall under the following headings: performing arts, arts and crafts, physical activities encompassing indoor/outdoor and winter/summer sports, movement and dance, and interest clubs with an educational bias.

The ES Penguin Clubs program runs throughout the school year and is split into three seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring. Students are given the opportunity to register for the activity of their choice prior to the start of each season. Registration for the Penguin Life programs is online.



Penguin Clubs Dates to Remember 2021-2022

Season Registration Window Season Start/End Dates
Fall Season

September 1 - September 5

September 8 - October 28

Winter Season

October 27 - November 7 

November 15 - February 17

Spring Season

March 2 - March 13

March 14 - May 26


 fall season offerings 

fall season registration

If you are using this PL Registration System for the first time start with choosing the “First time user” link below the Login bar to create your password.

Use email already registered with AAS (tip: use the email address that the newsletter is sent to)    

  • Username: your email registered with AAS
  • Password: one that you create for this system

If any questions please contact us at plife@aas.ru


Guidelines for Penguin Clubs Participation

  • Parents register their students online for the Penguin Clubs of their choice.
  • Please only register when already in Moscow. During each season participation limits are placed for each ES Penguin Club. By registering and not attending you block participation slots that no other student can use. 
  • Students not registered will not be able to attend practices.
  • The student should attend all days of the activity unless s/he is sick.
  • If a student misses a session without permission of the instructor, s/he may be removed from the club.
  • The student should arrive to each club session on time. Kindergarten and grade one students will be taken from their classroom to the South Cafeteria to meet their club instructor.
  • Aquatics clubs participants: parents are responsible to arrange transport to and from the pool and to help with their swimmers getting changed.
  • A parent/guardian must collect the student promptly at the end of the club period.
  • The Penguin Clubs Program starts at 3:35pm and ends at 4:35 pm.

Learn to Swim has two sessions:

Session 1 starts at 3:35pm and ends at 4:35pm

Session 2 starts at 4:45pm and ends at 5:35pm



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