Elementary Swim Club

The Elementary Swim Club is an activity designed to improve stroke technique, aerobic fitness, and to have fun in the water. What follows is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Elementary Swim Club. Prior to registering for the ES Swim Club, candidates must pass the evaluation process.

Term 3 & Term 4 ES Swim Club Information

  • Evaluations: All students must register and attend an evaluation session (even if you participated in T1)
  • Start/End Date: March 11 - May 28 (student will attend week of April 13-16)
  • Penguin Spring Classic: May 16 (ES Swim Club are invited to participate)
  • Parents will be informed prior to February 5 if their child has met the ES Swim Club Criteria via email
  • Parents that register children that have not passed (or attended) the evaluation session, will not be eligible to register for ES Swim Club and/or have their registration removed

For more information read the FAQ below. Contact Ms Tatiana Goncharenko (AQ) <tatiana.goncharenko@aas.ru>